Safety and Fun is our priority.



While in the staging area pistols must be holstered. All other weapons must have the magazine removed and barrel bags on or weapons placed in case, when not in use.
 1: Barrel bags can be rented for a $1 or purchased for $5 (see registration area)
            i:1st warning verbal repro
            ii: 2nd warning, sit out one game
            iii: 3rd warning, leave property (NO REFUND)

1: 400 fps for AEG's.
2: 500 fps for bolt action "spring" rifles with 0.2g bbs.
3: 355 FPS max (1.88 J) for 6mm x .32g for High Pressure Air (Classics, PolarStars, HPA'd  GBBRs).

       The following are a few specific guidelines to ensure your safety.

Eye protection is absolutely required at all times while on the field or firing range at the Ruckus field.
For all Airsoft events, full seal eye enclosure is mandatory. Ruckus Airsoft will disapprove all shooting glasses or safety glasses. If your Eye protection can not stop an AEG shooting 400fps at point blank range AND are not full seal, do not bring them. Eye wear allowed:
     1: Painball masks
     2: Full seal eye protection with hard lower face protection. Steel mesh or hard plastic lower face shield.
Disciplinary action will be taken if you remove or break the seal on your eye protection during a game.  
(We take your safety very seriously).

1. On the call of “blind man” players need to immediately remove the magazine for their weapon, clear the chamber and set the weapon on safe. Stand in your location, REPEAT the 'blind man" call and do not move until the "game on" call is given by refs. Only at that time may you reload your weapon and continue play.
2. Use the "blind man" if you or another player is injured and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention. You will need to both vocally make the "blind man" call with where you are located on the field.
3. If a player loses their eye protection during a fire fight a “blind man” call is made. The player needs to cover their face with their hands and keep their head down until eye protection can be provided for them.

Do not blind fire. EXAMPLE: you must be able to seee your target and the direction of travel of your bbs.
Make every attempt to move on the outskirts of the fields.Yell "CROSSING!!!!" when moving in conjested firefight. Keep hands in the air. Please do not get upset if you are "bonused balled" while crossing. Not everyone can hear you.

1. CALL YOUR HITS!!! When struck by a BB yell hit, hold your hand or gun in the air so the individual shooting at you knows to stop, or put your red rag on your head.
2. Gun hits DO NOT count and neither do ricochets, everything else does.
3. Dead men don't talk. Players can not relay tactical info until they are legally back in the game.
4. If you think a player is not calling their "hits". do not yell for them to call their "hits".
Let one of the refs know and we will spot check them.
5. When in doubt, shoot till they call it.
6. Refs will be doing random "spot checks". We will hit you with one bb, so see if you are calling "hits". If you do not call a "hit", the following will happen:
            i:1st warning verbal repromand.
            ii: 2nd warning, sit out one game
            iii: 3rd warning, leave property (NO REFUND)

Do not move tables, chairs, wood, pallets or anything else on the field to create your own cover or bunkers.
Intentional destruction of property will insure a player's ejection from the field.
Foul, intimidating or abusive language is not allowed.
Out of control tempers will not be tolerated on the field. (See ref)
Fighting, verbal threats and inappropriate physical contact is absolutely banned. Violators are subject to immediate EJECTION from the event.
The police may be called and offenders may be BANNED FOR LIFE from any Ruckus Airsoft events.

               Thank you,
                       Ruckus Paintball & Airsoft Management